Mornings Like These (2017)
for baritone voice, bass clarinet, trumpet, and trombone (4')
text by John Maidman 

Perhaps a Glimpse (2016)
for soprano and piano (4')
text by John Maidman

Eventidings (2015), written for New Music on the Point
for soprano, alto flute, cello (10')
text by Rainer Maria Rilke
I. Sunset
II. Falling Stars
III. You, Darkness

Hear O My Heart (2013), written for International Music Festival of the Adriatic
for tenor, french horn, viola, and piano (4')
text by Rainer Maria Rilke



Heartthrummings (2014)
for string quartet
Read by JACK QUARTET (6')


Pulse (2013), written for the International Music Festival of the Adriatic
for electronic playback (3')


2017-18 PROJECTS

a voice among the hills for Camille Crossot

the fortuntate isle for solo piano (to be read by Jacob Rhodebeck)

by any other name for pierrot ensemble and percussion

Heaven Sent for soprano, baritone, alto saxophone, and piano

"You, Darkness" for soprano, alto flute, and cello (formerly "Eventidings")

[untitled] for orchestra

[untitled] for Alexandra Porter, Amy Petrongelli and Zach Pulse

Collaboration with Camila Agosto, Richard Drehoff, and Sam Torres